Will you be more active in 2018?


What’s your exercise motivation?

I always say my motivation is my health. I have a one year old grandson, I want to be active and run around with him as he gets older. The best compliment I’ve had to date was from a 6 year old I was playing various running games with, he said I was ‘pretty good!’, I want my Grandson to think the same. I want to do what I can to reduce my risk of heart disease, of lung disease, of some forms of cancer. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say fit people don’t get ill, don’t get awful diseases, don’t die too young…..they do, but if you can do something to reduce the risk then my view is why would you not?

The feel good factor
On that cheery note though, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about how I felt in my clothes, even how I look, but that’s not what motivates me, it’s a by product of feeling fitter and healthier. Being active is also good for your mental wellbeing, it makes you feel good. Once you’ve finished exercising, particularly if you’ve challenged yourself, you get a real buzz. Now there’s a lot of science behind why that is, but all that really matters is that you feel better after exercising than before you did it.

My own journey
I’m a fitness instructor & personal trainer in North Tyneside who certainly hasn’t always been fit and sometimes I still have to push myself to do my own exercise. I was over 40 by the time I stopped yo-yo dieting and looking for miracles that would make me thinner quickly. I gave it up and tried a different approach. I looked at my life and tried to find a different balance, a one where I tried to eat more healthily most of the time, but didn’t beat myself up when I didn’t. I stopped the ‘well this week is ruined, so I might as well eat anything’ approach to diet and just tried to make better choices. I also looked for exercise that I enjoyed, that way I kept doing it because it was fun and made me feel good. I did lose weight and my body shape changed and I’ve kept it up. My size still fluctuates a little (particularly now, post Christmas!) but trying to maintain a balance and focusing on my health gets me back on track.

Will I be fitter now I’m 50?
I turned 50 in November and I’m ok with that. I am doing a job I love, I want to encourage other people to be more active, to help them see the benefits of being more active. There’s not an age limit on trying to be fitter, I do some personal training with sisters aged 81 and 90, they want to stay strong, improve their balance and maintain their quality of life. If they can be keep active to look after their health, then I certainly can! Turning 50 and losing my Dad this year certainly made me reflect, and also look through lots of old photos! My last 50 years have seen me with various hair colours & styles and I’ve been many shapes and sizes, the photo collection below reflects some of those! I hope they make you smile and demonstrate my story 🙂

Classes at the Linksill Centre
If you recognise yourself in my story or you just fancy giving something new a try then why not come along to one of my classes the Linskill Centre, I have 4 kettlebell classes and 2 MetaPWR classes. All the details can be found on my booking site any fitness level welcome. Also, if you’ve got to this point, thanks for reading it!