Kettlebell cardio, what’s not to love?

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Kettlebells, bodyweight exercises & HIIT cardio training all in one workout!

Anyone who already knows me, knows I love a kettlebell, a great addition to any workout or a workout in itself.  The kettlebell (a cannon ball shaped piece of metal with a handle) is generally used in functional movements, focussing on he whole body rather than on individual muscle groups. It works from both a strength and cardio vascular perspective but can also help improve motor and balance skills.

Bodyweight exercises are another favourite of mine, because again, they focus on functional movements which assist us in everyday life (moving forwards & backwards, side to side, twisting and getting up and down of the floor!). They use major muscle groups and large ranges of motion in your joints, they can be challenging (but worth it).

So, as you can imagine, when I found out there was a course which combined two of my favourite exercise methods, I knew it was for me.

Why I love KBC Kettlebell Cardio

I attended the course and must admit, I really did learn to think a little differently about how to incorporate the fabulous kettlebell into a workout; combining it with body weight, HIIT cardio and plyometric (jumping) exercises. We did the theory, worked on our technique and then did a workout………I was challenged, exhausted and excited all at the same time, I loved it!

The sessions are structured to ensure you get a good cardio workout, spiking the heart rate; a resistance workout for both upper and lower body; and some core conditioning for balance and strength. The added bonus is that each workout contains a fitness challenge, which is repeated in each session. This challenge remains the same for a period up to 12 weeks, so you can record & track your progress, by monitoring repetitions weight used etc.

This is a programme intended to help you focus on being a fitter and stronger version of yourself and actually having measurements to support that. I have found client’s often say they ‘feel fitter’ but then can’t always quantify that, so often revert to the scales as evidence of whether or not they are; the scales will not tell you that. This programme shifts the emphasis from how much you weigh to monitoring fitness results. That is not to say you will not see aesthetic changes or weight changes, as your fitness levels improve I’m certain you will, but this isn’t the focus of the programme.

Group KBC Kettlebell cardio sessions

I am going to be running an 8 week programme, with 2 sessions per week, starting late September. When I know who wants to be part of this first programme I will look at venues and times suitable for most. Everyone will learn together, we will track our progress, as individuals and as a group. You will get a great workout, lots of support and encouragement and also have fun……….that matters! After that I will be looking at setting up regular classes.

If you would like to be part of the upcoming programme; want to know more about it or the future classes; or want information about any of the Fitness with Helen services you can email,  text or Facebook message me from my contact page. Look forward to hearing from you.