Trigger Point Pilates


Lydia Campbell, industry expert of over 40 years, created Trigger Point Pilates for fascia health to cater for chronic painful conditions and scar tissue.  Much of the following information is taken directly from Lydia’s materials. A Trigger Point Pilates™ Class Combines some basic Pilate’s core moves and applies clinical Myofascial principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions.

So what does that mean?

Myo = Muscle and Fascia = a continuous band of connective tissue wrapping around and throughout the body. Think of fascia as a transparent cling film, a cobweb of 3dimensional connective tissue covering every muscle. Fascia is wrapped throughout the body on “lines of pull”,  one piece connecting from the brow to your toes, fingers to chest and neck.

Trigger points are tight areas, they may feel hard to touch, they can cause stiffness, weakness of the muscle and can restrict it’s movement. Trigger Points may cause day to day pain but not always.

Is it for me?

This class attracts everyone from the fit to those post rehab. Fascia restrictions occur in everyone. It attracted me because my body shows all the signs of 30 years of office life, particularly across my shoulders. I don’t generally have pain but my posture and range of movement is impacted.

In class we work on releasing into the deeper layers of fascia, targeting the release of Trigger Points. The class is designed to release tight muscles and enhance functional daily movement, using foam rollers for self release and prickle balls for Trigger Point release.


Class dates & venue

An introductory session is taking place on Tuesday 25th October, 18.30 – 19.30 at the Old Low Lights Heritage Centre, with a four week course starting the following week. For up to date class times check my Facebook page