Why wait until January?

Are you already promising yourself you will be more active in January? If you start in the new year how much improvement in your fitness will you expect to see by valentines day? If my own experience is anything to go by you will have high expectations!

So think about how much fitter and healthier you could feel by Christmas if you started now! The first steps into something new are always the most difficult, but they still need to be taken no matter when you choose to do it. Being more active can improve both your physical and emotional wellbeing, many people find the approaching festive season stressful and exercise is a good way of taking time out and feeling better about yourself.

Here in North Tyneside we have an abundance of ways to keep active, lovely parks and a beautiful coastline to go walking. A few trips up and down the steps to King Edwards Bay is a fantastic way to get the heart rate up! Or why not come along to some group exercise and have a bit of fun while you work out? Our classes at the Linskill Centre offer both a high and low impact option. MetaPWR is high intensity interval training in a circuit format and kettlebells is a low impact full body workout using weight, both can be tailored to individual fitness levels.

Don’t let the fact that you will be partying during December put you off. Doing something is always going to be better than doing nothing. So if you’re sitting at home in North shields/ Tynemouth and surrounding areas thinking ‘i really should’, then follow the booking link and take that first step!